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Diploma in Yoga Course, Eligibility, Syllabus, Career, Top Institutes, Fees-2020-21

Foundation in Yoga




    4 MONTHS




    10+ / 10+2


    Foundation in yoga science (fYS) - Syllabus, Scope, Eligibility and Salary

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    Indira Gandhi Institute of Yoga Services (IGIYS) offers Foundation in Yoga Science (FYS) program for starters or beginners (10+ or 12+ passouts) under which learners will understand the basic principles of Yoga. Under Foundation in Yoga Science (FYS) theory chapters are characterized in 4 units with sub-unit yoga topics. Foundation in Yoga Science (FYS) is a full-time foundation level program in Yoga science. The program is covered in 4 Month duration course covering all major aspects of the study of Yoga. The eligibility criteria for the program requires candidates to complete 10+ or 12+ passouts examination in any relevant stream with good proficiency in English language. The course is covered with one "Final semester" conducted after 4 month duration of the date of enrollment.

    Features of Foundation in Yoga Science (FYS) are as follows:

      1) Online Theory Chapters   ( CLICK TO VIEW DEMO )*

      - Yoga course has been designed covering every aspects of yoga, its benefits, uses and cure for all chronic diseases or disorders and is very useful for all professional levels.

      2) Online Test papers   ( CLICK TO VIEW DEMO )*

      - Online Test series MCQ Question papers are provided for each chapter for better evaluation wich displays result and grade scorecard on the spot. You will be provided brief explanation for your wrong answers.

      3) Ask doubts

      - Students will be able to clear their doubts by a team of dedicated yoga teachers which will help you throughout course duration.

    The candidates are required to submit a medical certificate allowing the person to confirm that the admission shall be processed further, taking into account the individual's Health, safe score in Qualifying Examinations and other parameters laid down IGIYS. The programme presents students from the physical and psychological background of yoga and its effect on the body and mind of individuals.

    The individual opting this program should be medically fit, not to be suffering from any chronic illness, which may prevent them to take up the course. A calm and a one-dimensional mind will help the students to perform all the asanas with ease. Candidates after successfully completing the practical and written exam will be awarded the diploma certificate at the end of the program. The students can benefit from this program which will hold a strong base for those who wish to pursue higher education in yoga subject.

    The course fee for the programme is different from different age groups. Average course fee varies from Rs. 8, 000 to 15, 000/-. Candidates having learned all basics and fundamentals of this IGIYS yoga course, are entitled to be a certified yoga instructors, trainers, guides etc. The average salary earned by the students ranges from INR 2 to 16 Lacs annually.

    Foundation in yoga: Course Highlights

    Course levelCertificate (Foundation in yoga)
    Duration4 Months
    Examination Type1 Semester
    EligibilityQualifying 10+ or 10+2 examination in any relevant stream, fluency in English, Medical certificate of Fitness.
    AdmissionRegisteration with IGIYS compulsory
    Course FeeUp to INR Rs 8,000 to 15,000 /-
    Average salaryApprox. Up to INR 2 to 16 lakhs per annum
    Top Recruiting CompaniesHospitals, Colleges, Gym, Fitness Centres, Wellness Centres, Corporate yoga etc.
    Job PositionsYoga Instructor, Yoga Studio Trainer, Health Zym Instructor, Private Club Yoga Trainer, Home Yoga Instructor, Corporate/Office Yoga Teacher etc.

    Foundation in yoga: What is it all About?

    The purpose of this course is to provide the tools to understand the core of yoga practices, philosophy and principles for basic yogic lifestyles. It helps to bring the overall vision of yoga and spiritual learning as the dominion of health and strength, peace and efficiency, harmony and development; Solving the problems of modern society and creating ideal social orders.

    New Delhi: Indira Gandhi Institute of Yoga Services (IGIYS) has launched a Foundation program in Yoga (FPY) ahead of the upcoming Yoga Day. The course will be provided in the English language, and anyone who has passed class X-XII from any recognized board, regardless of their stream, will be eligible to enroll in the program. Indira Gandhi Institute of Yoga Services (IGIYS) launched the programme under which the learner shall understand the basic principles and practice of yoga. The course will be for Four months and students will be given maximum of two years to pass the course. The Foundation In Yoga Science (FYS)Programme is offered throughout India and job preferences to the regional centres of Delhi, Dehradun, Bengaluru, Bhubaneswar, Jaipur, Ladnun, Chennai, Mumbai and Pune.

    Mr Pankaj Thakur (Director And Founder Of IGIYS) said that our program also aims to make people who know about the history and contribution of various yogis in the field of yoga and achieve physical and mental health through yoga.

    "The basic essence of yoga, and therefore many benefits, have been lost to mainstream classes. IGIYS Yoga is different. With the far-reaching benefits of modern life and daily life, you will learn an authentic, holistic yoga. We welcome you Discover an accessible, non-judgmental yoga that you get. You will explore your own comfortable edge of stretch and strength to suit your body. And thrives with intense self-awareness and insight. Experience all aspects of complete yoga practice, including traditional yoga asanas (asanas), simple breathing techniques (pranayama), guided meditation and yogic knowledge. Yoga is, at its core, holistic".

    Our IGIYS Curriculum for Foundation in yoga has been designed in a way that provides information on both physical and psychological aspects of yoga subjects. The course curriculum has been divided into online theory chapters, online test practice papers, and practical yoga classes or training. The students are taught about the anatomy and physiology of the human body, knowledge of all yoga asanas, the history of yoga, yoga benefits, etc. Apart from the programme, the students are also helped in providing detailed knowledge of the subject, marketing strategies, help people to calm the personality during stress and are equipped with different skills to make them master of the yoga subject.

    Foundation in yoga: Eligibility

    The minimum eligibility set for the program of Certificate in yoga are as follows:

    1. Those students who have successfully completed their 10+2 examination in any relevant stream are eligible for admission.
    2. Students are supposed to submit a Medical certificate confirming fitness.

    Foundation in yoga: Admission Process

    Admission Details:  The Course is open to student throught year. Please call the office for details. Fees may vary based on curriculum Intimation.

    Documents required:

    1. Marksheet and Passing Certificate of class 10th and 12th examination
    2. Residential proof
    3. Fitness Certificate by doctors
    4. Scanned passport size photographs

    Benefits of Yoga:

    1. Yoga can help us to treat diseases like Hernia, diabetes, migraine, PCOD/PCOS, arthritis, cervical, heart related problems etc.
    2. Yoga can improve focus, increased memory power, more concentration, brings peace and harmony in human relationships.
    3. Yoga helps in grooming personality traits and development.
    4. Yoga can bring good balance between physical and mental health, emotional well being and spiritual enlightenment.
    5. Yoga can eradicate social evils like terrorism, family divorces, violence, and corruption by bringing the self–confidence, love, peace in individuals

    Career  opportunities:

    1. After yoga course, one can work as a home yoga instructor/ yoga teacher in schools, zym, sports clubs, hospitals, corporate/office yoga trainer etc.
    2. There is a lot of demand for yoga teachers nationwide and overseas.
    3. One can be self- employed by starting his/her own yoga studio and earn livehood.
    4. After yoga certificate course, one is eligible for higher studies like Diploma In Yoga or post graduate diploma and B.Sc in yoga / M.A. in Yoga.

    Infrastructure and Staff:

    1. We have well qualified, certified and experienced yoga staff staffs.
    2. Practical classes for yoga and ask doubt option are carried out by our well talented expert yoga trainer.

    The Course Structure:

    1. Title :

    The course shall be called “Foundation Course in Yoga Studies” (F.Y.S.)

    1. Duration:

    The course is extended over a period of four month durationr comprising of one final semster.

    1. Objectives :

    The course is designed

    • To train the individual and promote his/her yoga skills to expertise levels.
    • To train the individual for the personality development on the basis of physical, mental intellectual and spiritual health.
    • To train the individual to perform best under stressfull condition through concentration and meditation.
    • To impart yoga scientific training to the individuals, in yoga studies (both in theory and practice), so as to enable them to serve as professional yoga teacher.
    1. Eligibility:
      • A candidate seeking admission to Certificate Course in Yoga Studies shall have passed S.S.L.C (X class) of any state or its equivalent thereto
      • Candidate is allowed to take admission to C.Y.S. Course along with their studies in Under- Graduate or Post -Graduate course.
      • Candidates who are in employment to other company or sector are also allowed to take admission to the said course.
    2. Medium of Instruction:


    1. Hours of Instruction:

    There shall be 3 hours of teaching work per week for every theory paper of 100 marks and 6 hours of teaching work per week for every practical paper of 100 marks.

    1. Intake Capacity :

    No limits for candidates

    1. Attendance :

    For admission to the said examination, candidates are required to keep attend a minimum of 75% of the total instruction hours in a paper (theory/Practical) in each term, as prescribed by IGIYS from time to time.

    1. Scheme of Examination :
      • There shall be a Final examination at the end of an academic year both in theory and practical papers. Two theory and One practical exam at the end of the year
      • Candidates are allowed to take the said examination only in English (MCQ based).
      • The duration of theory paper examination shall be of 3 hours.
      • Each theory paper of 100 marks shall comprise of 5 questions of 20 marks each from five units with internal choices, covering the entire syllabus.
      • The duration of practical paper examination shall be of 1 hours


    1. Standard of Passing :

    A candidate is required to obtain 40% of marks in each paper and 40% of marks in the aggregate for  passing the said examination. A candidate must obtain 40% or more but less than 50% of aggregate marks for Pass class, 50% or more but less than 60% of aggregate marks for second class, 60% or more but less than 70% of aggregate marks for a first class and 70% or more of aggregate marks for a first class with Distinction.

    1. Reappearing Facility :

    A candidate failing only in one or more theory papers or in a practical paper is allowed to reappear for only those paper/s in which he/she has failed. He/she need not reappear for the papers (theory or practical) in which he/she has passed.

    1. Scheme of papers and practical

    S. No. Paper No. Title of the Paper Total Marks Expected Hours Of Study Duration of Exam.
    1 Paper -I Foundations of Yoga 100 10.5 hrs/week 3 hrs
    2 Paper -II Yoga and Health 100 11 hrs/week 3 hrs
    3 Practical Practical Training in Yoga 100 7 hrs/week 1 hrs

    Foundation in yoga: Syllabus and Course Description

    The syllabus of Foundation in yoga comprises of Online theory chapters plus Online test papers and practical method of teaching in yoga practical classes. The students are also imparted various different yoga training programmes and yoga events making them more confident and competent to take up the job of an home yoga instructor or Corporate yoga instructor in future. Students are fully imparted with the fundamentals and principles of Yoga, are given professional practical training in performing varied asanas and their uses on both mental and physical health.

    The overall syllabus for Certificate in yoga covered by IGIYS throughout the program is tabulated as follows:

    Subjects of Study
    Introduction To Yoga (Unit-1)
    Yoga For Beginners (Unit-2)
    Yoga And Its Types (Unit-3)
    Yoga For Health (Unit-4)
    Practical training (Theory & Practice)
    Yoga And Society
    Click To View "Complete Syllabus"

    Foundation in yoga: Career Prospects

    Since Foundation in yoga is a basic level course which gives student a brief knowledge about yoga asanas ans its benefits but lacks therapy concept which you get in higher studies like Certificate in yoga or Diploma in yoga courses. Therfore it is recommended to go for higher studies which will improve your knowledge for yoga aspects with therapy which has wider and better scope in future.

    Foundation in yoga Fee Structure by State


    6.12 K
    9.3 K


    22.53 K
    38.58 K


    5 K
    18 K


    1 K
    20 K



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    Sanjay Garg

    Yes! you can. It all depends upon your grasping knowledge, skills, performance and approach towards every aspects of healing people with confidence. However we do recommend to complete full Diploma course to give your best yoga therapy to cure people else you will remain in dilemma of earning more than other yoga professionals.

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