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  • "Indira Gandhi Institute of Yog Services" comprises of Top Indian Yoga Gurus, Yoga Phd holders, Yoga Academicians and Top Yoga Merits across nation.
  • Take full advantage of yoga Alliance by attending "yoga classes at home" regularly. Initial doorstep to success might be uncomfortable due to body adjustment but 100% result proof.
  • Before starting yoga class you should be empty stomach. No heavy diet before or after 2 hours is recommended. However if you need to have snacks, keep it light! Water or tea intake, if necessary, should be minimum.
  • Ask unlimited numbers of doubts with our "Yoga Teacher at home" & yoga Phd Team faculty anytime 24*7.
  • Use 6mm Yoga Mat for Home Yoga Classes to aviod any type of body discomfort.
  • Pain and sweat are good – “No pain No Gain” Try not to stretch body immediately. Warming of body with slight yoga asanas and then leveling up to extensive posture is good. Since sweating losses your body electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, magnesium and chloride "Take electrolyte supplement". Our "Yoga Trainer at home" in Delhi region are well Qualified for "yoga classes at home" and training.
  • "Diet Chart" will be provided by our Qualified IGIYS Doctors panel. Strictly following of Diet chart gives you quick and progressive result. Try to avoid fat food like French Fries, Potato Chips, Candy Bars, Pastries, Pizza, Cookies, Cakes, Ice Cream, Sugary Drinks, meat, Alcohol and oil products.
  • Keep patience for results.
  • We provide detailed Reports and feedbacks tracks about your "Yoga Classes at home" by our institute on regular basis.
  • Our Yoga Teachers are specialised for Power yoga, Traditional yoga, "Pre/Post Natal Yoga", kids yoga, Theraputic yoga for Life style Disorders, Yoga for Weight Loss, Yoga for General Fitness, Anulom Vilom, Pranayam Beathing exercises, Yoga for meditaion, Ujjayi, Sheetkari, Sheetli, Suryabhedi, Chandrabhedi, Bhramri and more...
  • Free medical counseling for Client suffering from Dipression or mental stress.
  • Get Sms and Email Alerts for all important Yoga Events and updates from "Indira Gandhi Institute of Yog Services" .

"Indira Gandhi Institute of Yog Services" (IGIYS) gives highest Yoga values to our customers requirements for "Yoga Trainer At Home" In Delhi and does everything possible to provide them complete satisfaction with 100% results. We provide Yoga Classes At Home services in all Yoga allies viz Yoga for General Fitness, weight lose, Meditation, Pre/post Natal yoga, Yoga for children, Aged and young people, Yoga for Life style Disorders like Cervical, Migraine, Thyroid, Heart problem, Asthma, Arthritis, Post Accidental Recovery, Eye problem, Shoulder problem, Obesity, Diabetes(sugar), Glaucoma, Knee and joint pain, COD cyst problem, stress management and more … "Indira Gandhi Institute of Yog Services" (IGIYS) Assures Our Client The Best Yoga Training With Yoga Alliance Quality And Standards. Our Yoga Training Modules Starts From Begginers Session Covering All Basic Postures, Breathing Techniques And Flexibility Which Is Transformed To Advanced Level Yoga Sessions Keeping In Mind All Safet And Precautions Aspects Which Is The Prime Responsibility of Our Organisation. We Have More Than 1 Lakhs Client Nation Wide Taking Our Prime Services In Yoga Alliance Acquiring All Benefits Of Yoga And Its Fundamentals To Its Maximum. We As An Organisation Had Taken Oath To Deliver Our Nation A Healthy And Peacful World.

Our Expert Home Yoga Trainer

  • Personal-Yoga-Trainer-Classes-At-Home
    Pooja,    Expert Yoga Trainer At Home In Uttam Nagar
  • Personal-Yoga-Trainer-Classes-At-Home
    Rasik,    Expert Yoga Trainer At Home In Rohini
  • Personal-Yoga-Trainer-Classes-At-Home
    Divya,    Expert Yoga Trainer At Home In Greater Kailash
  • Personal-Yoga-Trainer-Classes-At-Home
    Kajal,    Expert Yoga Trainer At Home In Vasant Kunj
  • Personal-Yoga-Trainer-Classes-At-Home
    Dev,    Expert Yoga Trainer At Home In Hari Nagar
  • Personal-Yoga-Trainer-Classes-At-Home
    Ananya,    Expert Yoga Trainer At Home In Dwarka (and more)
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