- About Us -

IGIYS yoga training is designed for educates, individuals, professionals and business owners about the pattern of behavior and manners these are essential in corporate yoga culture. When we talk about yoga we get start focusing on presenting ourselves in a better way. In today’s world people love to engage with charming personality with an excellent manner to conduct their business or personnel relationship. Etiquette is a valuable thing helps us to get valued in returns. In this yoga workshop you will learn the key elements techniques of yoga.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help the Mumbai people achieve good wellness. For a decade, we are exploring high-quality yoga training via online home yoga instructors accessible to everyone. Since the establishment of our company in 2009, we have delivered the intense power of yoga to Indian people to achieve and nurturing the healthy lives of individuals and have added to a better society.

Our Values

Our yoga portal are not like any other Yoga streaming website. We provide most of our web content for free to delever free information to people about life style disorders and thier cures from yoga. We do not even ask for an email address. We do not pretend to be special or nothing. We do not only facilitate Skinny, Beautiful Yoga teachers. We do not just make pictures of amazing poses. We respect that what Yoga really is and recognizes its potential to help in a wide variety of different types of people. We are good at what we do, we like to help and make positive changes (even small stuff) and we are not here for fame and glory only.

Our main approach is honesty and result. We do not do anything about which we feel uncomfortable. We are not like sales techniques which are not transparent. We are not like to force people to do anything. We do not jump over the bandwagon. We do not like some aspects of yoga in the west. We do not work just because they are popular or they will earn a lot of money. We like to be honest. We care about the welfare of all of us and we want to be able to give you instructions and guidance that will help you to feel better, have more energy and live happily.

Regaining Wellness



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