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Guiding to the benefits of Home Yoga service, as well as corporates who are involved in the development of business programs, are also welcome to Yoga. How performance qualifies as a reliable representative of the country's most trusted family, as well as the functions, demonstrates the corporation's regularity of the regular yoga program, as well as the festivals and psychology. Alam to create a sweeping bond among employees, Corporate Yoga can strengthen information systems and bring Mumbai-India harmony, groups and partnerships.

Corporate Yoga For Stress Relief


Why Corporate Yoga At Work?

According to the recent study of the Indian Psychological Association, overall adults report that stress has a negative impact on the mental and behavioral factors of employees affecting their work. Discover the benefits of yoga, including stress and pain relief, better breathing, flexibility, increase in strength and more. IGIYS Sadhguru answered a question on stress relief and explained how yoga makes it possible to live a stress free life. It is important for everyone to learn and grow because Corporate yoga contribute to the development of a company. Yogic discipline can help to reconcile body, mind and emotions while creating a smoother business environment.

Corporate Yoga For Shoulder & Neck Pain

Have you ever tried yoga for neck pain?

Corporate Yog science is the ultimate. It also spread to trapezius and shoulder muscles if not taken care of. Learn different Corporate yoga techniques, such as how to fix your physical alignment, improve your balance and posture, and learn the yoga techniques for the neck, buttocks and lower back in office. Using these muscles properly in good posture and exercise, they can be strong, so they do not cause pain for your upper back and shoulders.


Other Parameters Of Office Yoga

Pranayama or Yoga breathing

Pranayama or Yoga breathing for employees is the basic of your Corporate yoga practice. It starts with slow deep breathing, breathing with 3-breath, then transform into more advanced breathing exercises such as kapalbhati and alternative knustle breeth. Pranayam also goes hand in hand with asanas.

Laughter Yoga

Laughter yoga is a that category of yoga which involves laughing voluntarily for long periods of time generally used in Corporate yoga as an event. The laugh is not for any comic cause, as long as the yogi performs laughing. Those who think that Laughter Yoga is a profitable physical exercise, they believe that human physical systems can not differentiate between a comfortable and voluntary laughter. Laughter yoga tells about all the physical and mental benefits of "real" laughter is. In particular, it can lead to high mood and playful environment reducing stress and gives relief.

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is a calm and soft form of Yoga that is done by sitting on a chair, or performing particular asanas taking support of a chair. Chair yoga is the practise of being formally identified as a type of yoga, which is different from other forms, such as Iyengar Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga. Yoga poses, or asanas, are generally the variations of the Hatha yoga pose.

Are your shoulders permanently humped?

“It may be affected by spending too much time on a keyboard or sliding on the couch. In our yoga for the chain of neck and shoulders, you will work to attack some of the most common misconceptions that cause the pain and learn how to align your head with the highest intent of your heart. Shake those shoulders! Free yourself from the pain and stiffness in the shoulders, neck and head. With yoga for neck and shoulders, our team of specialist educators will guide you through step-by-step instructions to repair and strengthen these sick parts of your body for freedom and expansion. For most, problems and stresses in the neck and shoulders come from habits in your every day's life. These patterns have stiffness and stretch, which often appear as slaving in the physical body. However, the energetic understanding of this upper upper back comes from the failure to recognize the divine properties within us. These practices incorporate many types of mental and physical techniques to help you identify and work with accustomed patterns, with an inherent habit for your holding. Be aware of your bright and bright self and allow pain and pain to reduce your neck and shoulders. With yoga for the neck and shoulders, you will be invited to identify the stresses you let go of. Understanding your body's desire for proper alignment, you can heal and strengthen your illness to feel clean, fresh and vibrant.” .... Mr Pankaj Thakur

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Corporate Yoga In Mumbai

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Benefit Of Corporate Yoga To Employees

  • Decrease In Stress Levels
  • High Joy And Happiness
  • High Self Esteem Among Employees
    • Increase Concentration And Focus
      • Good Health And Wellness
  • Decrease Negative Factor And Hypertension
  • High Enery And Less Fatigue
  • Assist Other Employees And Non Dependent

Benefit Of Corporate Yoga To Company

  1. Increased Productivity
  2. Increased Employee Attendance
  3. Reduced Staff Turnover
    1. Higher Employee Job Satisfaction
      1. Respect For Company
  4. High Team Spirit
  5. High Enthusiasm And "ZOSH" Factor
  6. Decrease Health Care Premiums


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