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Our Yoga Specialization In Banglore

IGIYS specialized and provides yoga trainer at home for all life style disorders and therapeutic yoga classes in banglore

Benefits of Yoga

Reduce Stress

Yoga Reduces Stress

Yoga can be an incredible tool to calm stress and anxiety. Adding a small yoga sequence to your routine can help you stay calm.

Reduce Weight

Yoga Reduces Over Weight

Since you can not train vigorously, we have a list of easy yoga poses that will help you lose weight easily after pregnancy.

Strengthens Muscles

To Strengthen Muscles

Yoga is more than just stretching. Learn how practicing this can make power training more effective and affect your overall fitness.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Yoga Lowers Blood Pressure

Yoga can help you reduce blood pressure. Experts say diet, lifestyle and exercise can control your blood pressure successfully..

Our Expert Yoga Trainers - Banglore

yoga trainer at home banglore

Ms Kriti

Yoga teacher in Jayanagar, Banglore


Rating: 5

yoga trainer at home banglore

Ms Jyoti Sharma

Yoga teacher in HSR Layout, Banglore

Masters in Yoga

Rating: 4.8

yoga trainer at home banglore

Yogi Siddharth

Yoga teacher in Kanakapura Road, banglore


Rating: 4.8


Do you have a yoga studio for fitness and weight loss?

We only provide yoga trainer at home in all areas of Banglore with accurate results. You need to have a yoga mat and sufficient space for yoga sessions. If space is not available yoga classes can be done near by park or client terrace.

Do you provide a trial class and what is the cost?

You can have a trial class by paying only Rs 400 before starting your yoga classes at home journey. Although, if you decide to continue with us, subsequent classes would be chargeable well in advance every month.

What is the duration of each yoga class?

1 hour. Duration of each yoga classes at home is 1 hour. All yoga classes at home should be consumed in one month. However in case of urgency classes can be realigned or adjustable inaccordance to need

For more information, refer FAQ

Our Yoga Packages In Banglore

Our monthly Yoga plans provides optimal flexibility. Before taking the package for yoga trainer at Home IGIYS allows you to try out our Yoga service by paying only Rs 500 for a trial class. After the first trial class you will be charged the regular price as per your choice of package. The starting price for Yoga at home is from 6000/- for 3 classes in a week i.e. 12 classes in a month till 9000/- for 24 classes in a month. This package can be shared with 2 of your family members for no added cost. Experience yoga at comfort of your home with our service in all areas of Banglore

Sessions per week Sessions per month Fees (INR)
Trial Class (2 Demo*) 1 hour Duration Each 2 Trails available
4 Classes in a week 16 Classes in a month
5 Classes in a week 20 Classes in a month
6 Classes in a week 24 Classes in a month
7 Classes in a week 30 Classes in a month

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