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Yoga Trainer At Home Banglore
Assessing your Condition

IGIYS first asses your requirement, its aims and objectives then effectively provide valid protocols for results.

Yoga Trainer At Home Banglore
Structuring a Plan

Framing yoga asanas for corporate wellness after assessing innumerable factors like stress and type of work.

Yoga Trainer At Home Banglore
Reviewing Periodically

Monitoring alterations and betterment in employees’ health and amending the plan if required.

Yoga Trainer At Home Banglore
Assisting in Postures

Correcting yoga postures and motivating your employees to perform yoga as efficiently.

Yoga Trainer At Home Banglore
Demonstrating Asanas

Performing and abetting the employees to perform the asanas precisely.

Yoga Trainer At Home Banglore
Educating about Yoga

Educating about various yoga forms followed with other handy tips on offline yoga.

Benefits of Corporate Yoga

Reduce Stress

Workplace is loaded with stress of unachieved target and backlogs. Corporate yoga can cut some slack and aid employees overcome stress and frustration by relaxing the mind and body.

Boost productivity

As the stress levels stoop down with office yoga, there is superior concentration and dedication amongst employees. This leads to automatic shoot in employee’s productivity.

No absenteeism

Employees benefit with free yoga sessions and would not prefer missing out due to health issues. Corporates will be profited with lower absenteeism and employees can save on paid leaves.

Refurbish work place to fun place

With radical implementation of calming asanas and similar activities a pinch of fun can be added to the work place with office yoga making it less monotonous and uptight for the employees.

Save on health care cost

Execution of yoga betters an employee’s physical and mental conditions. With corporates bearing their employees’ health care costs; inculcation of corporate yoga can save employer’s capital due to augmented resistance.

Finer bonding

Corporate yoga being performed by all hierarchy of employees allows employees to meet and interact with co-workers and bosses in a relaxed and comforting manner leading to fruitful work relationship.

Corporate yoga advantage

Yoga Trainer At Home Banglore
Personalized Care

You are guaranteed to receive the special personalized treatment from IGIYS trainers.

Yoga Trainer At Home Banglore
Verified Yoga Trainers

Certified with Bachelor's/ Master's degree from the best universities with min 5+ years of experience.

Yoga Trainer At Home Banglore
Affordable Services

Save the expenses and time spent on clinic visits and get a better care in the comfort of your home.

Yoga Trainer At Home Banglore
Convenient Process

Book appointments over web or call at your preferred time and place with easy payment options.

Our Expert Yoga Trainers - Banglore

corporate yoga in banglore

Ms Kriti

Yoga teacher in Jayanagar, Banglore


Rating: 5

corporate yoga in banglore

Ms Jyoti Sharma

Yoga teacher in HSR Layout, Banglore

Masters in Yoga

Rating: 4.8

corporate yoga in banglore

Yogi Siddharth

Yoga teacher in Kanakapura Road, banglore


Rating: 4.8




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Do you have any special instructions for employes for corporate yoga?

All employes should be empty stomach and should wear a sports tracksuite if possible for better yoga asanas performance. Incase tracksuite not available not an issue.

What type of yoga asanas IGIYS covers in corporate yoga

There is no hard specifications for corporate yoga classes. However laughing yoga, chair yoga stretching and pranayama breathing excersise are mendatory.

What is the duration of each yoga class?

It depends upon the company HR requirement can extend from 1 hour to full day with certain breaks.. However in case of urgency classes can be realigned or adjustable inaccordance to need.

For more information, refer FAQ

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