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Indira Gandhi Institute Of Yog Services (IGIYS) is a prestigious yoga Institute in the National Capital Territory, since its inception in 2000 has made remarkable progress in yoga academics in co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Over a period of time the Institution Accredited with NAAC Grade ‘A’ has emerged as a premier yoga Institution to instill, inspire, and inculcate yoga professional excellence within its students and close association with industry people. Indira Gandhi Institute Of Yog Services (IGIYS) is providing educational facilities of high standard to the yoga students at graduate and postgraduate level. (IGIYS) has the state-of-the-art yoga infrastructure, experienced yoga faculty and innovative processes and systems that have made IGIYS one of the best Yoga knowledge centers in the country.

IGIYS plays an important role in mentoring students for meaningful careers of yoga aspirants in the field of health sector, healing and yoga therapy. Institute’s USP is the yoga quality education with global inclination. In addition to develop excellent yoga skills, the students are motivated not only to dream big but also encouraged to think unconventionally to set up own through platform of Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC).

director message

IGIYS has introduced bloom’s taxonomy to improve curriculum, assessments, and teaching methods. We have adopted student centric methods like experiential learning, participative learning and problem solving methodologies to make the Teaching Learning process more effective. Here our teacher’s role is that of a facilitator who promotes self-management of knowledge, holistic development and skill formation through participatory learning activities such as following lecture method in combination with other teaching methods. We have adopted Outcome Based Education (OBE) framework which has emerged as major reform model in global technical education scenario. We are using High-order thinking skills to improve learning progress and critical thinking. We as a local chapter of NPTEL is dissipating the NPTEL initiatives and integrating MOOCs to mainstream education.

At Indira Gandhi Institute Of Yog Services (IGIYS), we bring together theory with hands on application through action based learning and interdisciplinary team oriented situations that develop change agents and leaders for tomorrow. It has been our constant endeavor to instill in our students ethical values hereby making them socially responsible citizens. At IGIYS, we have committed Yoga team and the team is continuously working to achieve the vision and mission of the institution of Leadership Building; Emphasis on Indian Yoga Model; Consortium of E-knowledge Resources; Mentoring and Coaching; Periodic Indian Expectation Survey; Student Exchange Program & Global Virtual Teams.

The higher education institutions need to plan the post-pandemic education and research strategies to ensure student learning outcomes and standards of educational quality. We believe that the NEP 2020 will remove unnecessary complexity in the delivery and regulation of higher education in the country and level the playing field for all students, irrespective of which college they go to β€” private or government. E-courses in regional languages is a great idea.

This Edition of Information Brochure will be able to achieve its objective to provide an insight of academic achievement of faculty and students. This enhances the literary culture of the institute. The Institute brochure exemplifies the voyage transverse and exhibits the literary skills of our students. Information Brochure will definitely help to showcase all the activities that are happening in the campus.

Shri Pankaj Thakur
Director, Indira Gandhi Institute Of Yog Services
Phone: +91-9999166524 / +91-9205603775