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Personal Yoga Trainer At Home In North-West Delhi/NCR

"Corporate Yoga Workshop and Events"

Located in the heart of India, New Delhi, "Indira Gandhi Institute of Yog Services" (IGIYS) Yoga Workshop service provider is the one of the oldest and most well established corporate yoga service provider in India. Office yoga sessions primarily focus on the middle and upper management of the organizations who spend significant portion of their time in offices, which involves sitting throughout the day, and often in front of computers.

Basically, the intensive work schedule and sitting for long durations coupled with working on computers tend to bring about many kinds of ailments like shoulder back n neck pain, eye strain, headaches etc .Something as trivial as the slippery tiles that are used in flooring the offices contribute greatly in intensifying the back pain. Apart from doing Stress Management, Office Yoga sessions are designed to manage the following commonly occurring issues in people who work for long working hours in front of computer:


Back and neck pain – Due to long hours of forward bending the cervical area & the upper back suffer a lot of strain & when ignored for a long time leads to severe body stiffness. Simple back & neck pain if not managed adequately can cause cervical spondylitis, lumbar spondiliosis, fibromyoglia etc. Simple movements can be incorporated in one's daily schedule that'll help in combating the pain & flex the muscles adequately to keep the stiffness and pain at bay.

Repetitive stress injury – is a very common sight these days due to excessive usage of hands to operate computers, laptops and mobiles. Due to the position of hands for long hours the elbows, palms, fingers & wrist muscles can suffer microscopic tears. Due to an injury, the muscle contracts & gets inflamed indicated by numbness or tickling sensation in hands that might radiate to shoulder & neck. Easy to practice ergonomic exercises at regular intervals during the day can prevent such injuries.

Eye strain – Similar to repetitive stress injury, eyes also feel the strain after working for such long hours in front of a glaring computer screen. The anti-glare screens help in reducing the glare but strenuous work through out the day need more than that to relax the eyes & prevent eye injuries. Learning how to balance the visual concentration can help the individuals in reducing the eye strain significantly.

Excess fat around abdomen – Sitting for such long hours in front of the computer, without any movement can be really brutal over the abdomen as the fat starts accumulating around abdomen because due to lack of movement & exercising the fat doesn't get metabolized. A few forward bending asanas on the chair can be significantly effective to reduce the belly fat.

Lack of concentration – This is a common hassle and can be due to variety of reasons. The simplest way to manage the inability to focus or concentrate is to monitor our breathing. There are certain Yoga practices (Pranayama , Mudra and Guided Meditation) that can help in instantly directing the mind in one direction.
Inability to relax – With tons of meeting & excessive multitasking obviously strains& drains the mind and makes the individual restless and hassled. Practicing shavasana and very easy meditation practices that can be done at anytime during the day or even at the beginning of the day can effectively relax one's mind. This is definitely the key as far as stress management goes.

The reason for construing office yoga session was that the employees don't get time to take care of their health because of time. Hence wouldn't it be great that just 30 - 60 precious minutes out of their busy schedule will keep them fit, so that they can use their optimum potential during work. Realizing its advantages, many renowned and distinguished organizations have already availed the benefits of office yoga sessions being provided by us.

Four Powerful Reasons to Offer this programme to Your Employees

  • An Improved top to bottom line.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Reduced healthcare costs.
  • Happier, healthier employees.
Did you know...?

  • 40% of job turnover is due to stress.
  • 60-80% of accidents on the job are stress related.
  • Repetitive musculoskeletal injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome have become the leading workplace health cost.
  • 75 to 92% of doctor visits are for stress related ailments and complaints.
  • Stress is linked to the six leading causes of death - heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver and suicide according to the American Psychological Association.
  • Almost two-thirds of adults over age 20 are overweight or obese.
  • 70 % family/social relationships are in bad shape due to mental & physical stress.

Benefits of Corporate Yoga for Employees:

  • Reduced Stress and anxiety..
  • More joy and enthusiasm.
  • Improved efficiency and productivity (at work and at home).
  • Greater self-esteem.
  • Enhanced health and sence of well-being.
  • Improved interpersonal skills.
  • Clearer perception and decision-making.
  • Anti-aging and rejuvenating effects.
  • Increased energy and decreased fatigue.
  • Improved memory, focus and concentration.
  • Stronger muscles & control obesity.
  • Increased flexibility & Strength.
  • Improved overall health and reduced risk for diseases, including cancer.
  • Decreased negative outlook / depression/hypertension.

Benefits of Corporate Yoga for Businesses:

  • Increased productivity.
  • Decreased health care premiums.
  • Reduced staff turnover.
  • Reduced employee absenteeism.
  • Higher job satisfaction amongst employees.
  • Develop team spirit.
  • More respect for senior management of companies.

A fact :- Every one of us today, suffering from one or more problems like- Insomnia, Stress, Depression, Migraine, Headache, Back pain, Spondolysis, Eyes problem, Obesity, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Frozen shoulder, Memory loss, Weakness and other ailments. And usually we take antibiotic pain killers, which are silent killers that damages organs like liver, kidney and heart.

Come and Trust what millions of people trust around the world today, The YOGA & Naturo-Cosmic-Healing!!

"Indira Gandhi Institute of Yog Services" (IGIYS) Corporate Yoga Membership Program Offers Solutions:

Our professional, experienced teachers come to you to offer classes at your workplace. Sitting arrangement may be at your-

  • Board room.
  • Cafeteria.
  • Gymnasium.
  • Conference room.
  • Classroom.
  • Empty office.
  • Work stations.
  • Open garden/lobby.

Type                     Ashtanga Yoga /Cosmic Yoga/ Kriya Yoga/Raj yoga/karma yoga/Breathing Yoga(Pranayama), Dhyana yoga(Meditation)/Hasya(Fun) Yoga…
Duration              1 hour , 1.5 hour, 2 hours session.
Frequency           1 or 2 days per week/ once in 15 days / Once in a Month session.
Timings                Morning hours/before lunch or evening hours (empty or light stomach).
Timings                Morning hours/before lunch or evening hours (empty or light stomach).
For details contact?      Indira Gandhi Institute of yog services (IGIYS)
                                          Phone: 09999166524
                                          Website: www.igiyogservices.in
                                          E-mail: [email protected]

Indira Gandhi Institute of Yog Services Programme/Workshop Contents:

  • Yogic Fun/Play activities.
  • Yogasans (Yogic Postures).
  • Pranayama (Yogic Breathing Techniques).
  • Simple Acupressure tips.
  • Simple Ayurveda tips.
  • Healing Meditations.
  • Diet and Lifestyle.
  • Tips on Insomnia.
  • Stress Management.
  • Talks on Cosmic energy and healthy relationship.
  • Need of spiritual healing.
  • Hasya yoga/Laughing Yoga.
  • One to one Counsiling on Stress and Ailments.
  • And more….
We can help you tailor a cost effective solution that fits your company's culture and your budget. Scientific effects of the Joy Shop:

  • Increases life energy, Positivity & Confidence.
  • Enhances Performance & Efficiency in work.
  • Dissolves Conflicts, Confusions Turmoil & Insecurities.
  • Gives a Direction to your Goals.
  • Eliminates Stress of life.
  • Brings Clarity of Mind.
  • Better relationships.

'Sahaj Krishna Yog' course consists of Talks, Yogasana, Pranayama, Meditation, Techniques of self awareness.

  • We also conduct classes on chairs /auditorium, during/after office hours in office attire.
  • Yoga & Wellness Workshop is a combination of Yogasana, Pranayama, Meditation, Healing & Relaxation process, Stress Management, Obesity Management, Simple Acupressure tips, Joint Pain Management, Insomnia Management,Talks & tips on Art of Happy Living, One to one Counseling on stress & ailments, and more…
  • Should you require any further assistance with this information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Assuring you of our best attention at all times.

Personal-Yoga-Trainer-Classes-At-Home (Participants during 'Sahaj Krishna Dhyan'(one of the simple meditation technique) in our Joy Shop!)

!! OM Shanti !

Programme Association With Indira Gandhi Institute of Yog Services
  • ITBP (Indian Tibet Border Police),
  • BSF,
  • CRPF,
  • Indian Air Force,
  • Indian Army,
  • West Bengal Police,
  • Delhi Police,
  • HSIL (Hindustan Sanitaryware& Industries Ltd),
  • Swabhiman Group,
  • Shalimar Paints Ltd,
  • Samsung Electronics ,,
  • Bank of India,
  • Syndicate Bank,
  • Rotary Club,
  • Lions Club,
  • L&T,
  • AgrasainBalikaSikshaSadan(School) ,
  • Bara Bazar Library-kolkata,
And Many More

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Please start a regular program as early as possible, because stress and ailments are increasing day by day…...

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