Yoga Strategic Plan


LTG1: To create Centre of Yoga Excellence.​

    To establish Centre of Yoga Excellences by utilizing the resources and expertize.

LTG2: To provide state of the art modern infrastructure facility.

    • Academic infrastructure to be strengthened further.

      Strengthen campus wide networking.

      Develop infrastructure for carrying our R & D activities.

      Modernization of laboratories.

      Up gradation of Central Library

Upgradation of Central Library

LTG3: To have 50% of the faculty with Ph.D., qualification

    Encourage faculty to pursue Ph.D., from UGC Recognised University.

    To create and provide support and financial facility.

    Recruit Ph.D., from UGC Recognised University

LTG4: To have 100% of the faculty at entry level with UGC NET Yoga

    Recruit only YCB Qualified Yoga Trainers at Entry level

LTG5: To introduce yoga events & programs in emerging areas.

    Explore the possibilities of adding new programs in emerging field.

    Enhance intake across programs based upon the demand and supply in emerging areas as per HEI’s Policy requirements.

LTG6: To facilitate students to become entrepreneurs (yoga centres).

    Conduct Ideations, Business Plans & Idea competitions.

    More start-up companies to be encouraged

    Provide necessary infrastructure for incubating the ideas.

    To undertake Institution Industry Council events regularly.

LTG7:To augment technology based learning for providing skill sets and encouraging self-learning.

    Adopt E-Learning solutions, Digital Learning and Interactive sessions.

    Adopt Blended Learning and Flipped Classroom pedagogy to maximize student learning outcomes.

    Encourage self-learning techniques.

LTG8:To collaborate with other Institutions/ Universities.

    Collaborate with UGC Recognized Universities and institutions.

    Encourage Student/ Faculty exchange program through EBSB Cell.

    Collaborate with UGC Recognized Universities of repute for Research Activities.

    Conduct FDP’s workshops and seminars with UGC Recognized Universities/ Institutes.

LTG9: To strengthen Research & Development

    To clearly focus publishing articles in UGC care list indexed with Scopus & Web of Science and ICI Journals of repute.

    To undertake patents work regularly.

LTG10:To develop Research and Skills acumen.

    To create experiential and live project opportunities for learner’s training and development

    To propagate Research and Skill Development Culture.

LTG11:To establish Digital Payment systems and E-Governance mechanism.

    To embrace and encourage Digital Payments.

    Implement ERP solutions for admission, student tracking & reporting.

LTG12:To engage Alumni for institutional development

    To launch an alumni portal and dedicated alumni portal for constant engagement.

    To formulize Alumni participation/ activities.

LTG13:Improve the financial strength of the Institution.

    To optimize the intakes with viable programs.

    Increase the digital media presence and effectively communicate institutional achievements for improving the brand value and attracting talented students.

    To effectively monitor and utilize financial resources for students, staff, faculty and institutional development.


STG1: Strengthen Yoga Trainer facilities and route systems.

    Augmenting the laboratories to stay relevant.

    To upgrade the internet band width to support the continuous utilization of the increased usage of internet in the campus.

    To undertake Aptitude Development test for Yoga course

STG2:Enhancing the output in research and consultancy.

    To enhance the quality of research publications by motivating the faculty to publish in the reputed journals..

    Fostering industry sponsored and Government sponsored R & D projects.

    Focus on obtaining external funded research projects.

    To enhance consultancy projects.

STG3:Introduce multi-disciplinary/ interdisciplinary Yoga courses

    Encourage multi-disciplinary / interdisciplinary Yoga coursed.

    Introduce industry relevant Yoga courses.

STG4:Lab Up-gradation.

    The laboratories are continuously calibrated and upgraded with open source software to meet the required specifications that will also enable consultancy.

STG5: Fostering innovation and creativity.

    Establish pre-incubation cent .res.

    Establish Centre of Yoga Excellence.

    Apply for more Patents.

    Explore Patent Commercialization.

STG6: Improve Teaching Learning Process

    Innovative pedagogy on OBE framework introduced with Experiential Learning, Problem Solving, Participative Learning, with learner-centric approach

    Blended Learning in the form of self-learning such as MOOC, E-Learning & E-Resource centres are encouraged.

    FDP/ SDP/ MDP programs help faculty to adopt successful pedagogy

STG7: Events.

    Conduct events on Recent Trends & Cutting Edge Technology across all domains.

    Increase industrial visits for better exposure.

    Conduct National & International Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, FDP’s & Acdemic summits through Professional Societies, Departmental Forums & Industry.

    Conduct Student centric events that enhances team work, creativity and innovations.

    To sponsor and encourage the students to participate in external events.

    Offers specialize Yoga courses for skill development of Technical & Non-Technical Staff.

STG8: Enhance Industry Institute Collaborations

    Enhancing the number of MoU’s with industry and re-visiting the existing MoU’s based on the changing industry requirements.

    Industry experts talks in emerging areas.

    Collaboration with industry for research and innovative projects.

    Introducing industry driven Yoga courses for students and staff that enables skill development.

    Increasing the connect with the industry through guest and expert lecture.

STG9: Infrastructure requirements.

    Build state of the art academic buildings that enhances Teaching and Learning.

    Augment new equipment and software.

STG10: E-Governance.

    Automate academic and administrative process and develop metrics to assess the performance from time to time.

STG11: Create resources / facilities required for establishing a private University

    Fulfilment of Organizational, Legal, Financial and other formalities as per the requirements of the apex bodies that is required for establishing a centre of Yoga Excellence.